(On-Grid upto 10kW)

We understand choosing the right components and offering according to your needs is very important while installing solar plants. Just put in simple details below and we would suggest you our best offering which is ideal for your requirement.

Solar Modules

Firstly, please select the type of modules you wish to install.

More information about the diffrent technologies can be found on the below provided links.

Refrence Links:

Now, kindly select your preferred module manufacturer.

Solar Inverter

Please select the type of inverter you would like to install.

String inverters are generally used where all modules are connected in single or multiple strings and connected to MPPT in the inverter.

Micro Inverters or Power optimizer technology inverters are high efficient inverters which are able to extract maximum power per modules.

Now, please choose your preferred manufacturer of the Inverter

Module level optimization is possible only with Solar Edge Inverters. Click here to view a video on its benefits.


We pride ourselves on being a very customer centric company. We have unparalleled service plans for your Solar PV Plant for all needs.

Please select the types and duration of services you wish to avail through us post installation.

Maintenance Service:


Cleaning Service:


- Maintenance service: We would visit your plant quarterly and inspect any signs of early faults. Replace any bolts if needed and check the overall functioning of the plant. In the rare case of any issues detected, we would schedule a team visit to rectify the problem.

- Cleaning Service: Team would visit your plant 10 times a year to clean your solar panels to ensure maximum output from them.


All the services performed will be logged digitally and you would be able to view the history of service records on the BW Dashboard.

Other components

Various other components are used in installing your Solar PV Plant as indicated in the list. Please select the grade of material you wish to use in your plant installation

- Earthing Rod

- Wires and Cable

- ACDB and DCDB (Junction Boxes)

- Lighting Arrestor

- Various connectors (Thimbles, MC4s, etc)

- Enclosures (Conduits, Two way / Three way housings, etc)

Determining Size of your plant

Kindly enter your monthly consumption to help us determine the right size of your plant.

You can leave this section blank if you already know your plant size requirement or don’t have the details handy right now.

Average electricity bill per month:

Unit rate of electricity in your city (Leave at Rs10 default value if you don’t know)

Please select all the details.

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