On-Grid Solar PV Plants

On-Grid Solar PV Plants or grid tied solar plants are used to reduce your electricity bills to ZERO! These are connected to your grid supply and thus can be used to power your entire home during night time using the net metering scheme


How a On-Grid Solar Plants works ?

The panels on your rooftop capture the energy which is radiated from the sun in the form of light. The panels then convert this captured energy to (DC) electricity which the inverter converts and provides output power (AC) in a form which is usable for your home.

All the energy your home consumes is taken in from the solar system, and the remaining is given out to the grid. A special meter records this "outflow" of power and adjusts it in your bill accordingly.

Lets see the Solar Plants working in action

Advantages of On-Grid Solar Plant

Why Pay for Expensive Electricity

When you install a on-grid solar plant on your roof all the energy it generates is free for you!

There is no maintenance cost as the plant does not have any moving parts. Only preventive maintenance has to be done which we take care of.

Say Bye Bye to your energy bills


Think about our nature !

During the working of grid tied solar plants there is no release of global warming gasses like CO2. In fact for all the energy you generate thorough these plants you save the gasses which would had otherwise been released. Sound pollution levels are also reduced as these plants don’t make a noise while working for you!

Image by Arnaud Mesureur

You can book BigWit Solar Power Plants Online !

Simply decide on the right system size for your requirement and book the plant online. 

Don’t worry we won’t charge you in case there is any change in the system later on.

Testimonials by our customers

Mr. Singh

Sector 35, Chandigarh

"I have done a lot of survey before choosing BigWit Energy and I am delighted to say that my decision was 100% correct:- 1. Team management excellent 2. Latest modules available 3. Earthing electrodes installed with full copper strip 4 . Inverter is installed with full custom made shade with proper aesthetics 5. Complete copper lightening arrester I am in my second billing cycle and results are awsome!"

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