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We will take care of all the processes and the official work required to install the Solar PV Plant in Himachal Pradesh.

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Talk to our Solar expert team

Design Approval and Installation

Inspections from the government and net meter installation

Turning your Solar PV Plant ON

Let’s see these steps of going solar in detail below

Four Simple Steps of installing Solar PV Plant In Himachal Pradesh:

  1. Talk to our Solar expert team:
    Someone from our team will ask you a few simple questions to understand your requirement and help decide your optimum Rooftop On-Gird Solar PV plant size. We will ask basic questions like the size of your rooftop and your average electricity bill which you pay. During our site visit, we will have a look at your roof and take necessary measurements to confirm the maximum installable Plant Size. We will also inform you about your expected payback period on your installed Plant.


  2. Design Approval and Installation:
    Once you approve the layout of your Rooftop Solar Plant, we will start installation of the system according to our promised dates. In the backend, we will also be coordinating with your power company to take the necessary approvals from them for the on-grid solar system.


  3. Inspections from the government and net meter installation:
    Before we are set and ready to turn on the Plant, the officials will do one last site visit to ensure that everything is in place. Once this is done, the power company will change your electricity meter, from unidirectional to bi-directional.


  4. Turning your Solar PV Plant ON:
    Once the meter is changed, we will come and turn on your Rooftop Solar Plant and you will start saving on your electricity bill from that instant itself!

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