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Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO)

If you are considering installing a RESCO solar power system in your premises, we’ll tell you why this is the best solar solution for you.

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All you need to know about Solar Plant on Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO) or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) basis

There is no upfront cost.
Unlike a solar EPC or capex offer, in which the consumer owns the system and spends upfront, the RESCO model is a zero-investment approach in which the client simply pays for the electricity generated, while the RESCO developer owns the solar plant. You may enjoy the generated electricity without having to worry about any of the accompanying operations and maintenance difficulties. In exchange, you must pay a pre-determined monthly tariff that is lower than the prevailing grid electricity tariff.

Support for ongoing operations and maintenance
As previously stated, Bigwit Energy, as the RESCO developer, assumes total ownership and responsibility for the system's operations and maintenance for the remainder of its lifetime. We will appoint qualified engineers to ensure that the RESCO model solar power system operates efficiently by optimising plant performance.

Government assistance
To fulfil its target of 40GW of rooftop solar by 2022, both the Central and State Governments give generous and favourable laws to RESCO solar companies. RESCO model developers can receive up to a 70% subsidy for RESCO projects on government buildings in a few special categories in some states.
Despite increased demand, there are still a few hazards associated with establishing a solar facility. As a result, end users are understandably cautious to make a substantial investment and choose the CAPEX model. RESCO models, such as those provided by Bigwit Energy, alleviate all of their doubts and concerns. Furthermore, the RESCO model is appealing to major energy customers, whether industrial, commercial, or institutional.

Improved load and consumption monitoring
Bigwit's RESCO model projects include a remote mentoring system that ensures real-time energy data analytics. This allows you to observe your load and energy usage patterns, and it also allows Bigwit Energy to manage the plant more efficiently and respond more quickly and effectively.

Bigwit Energy pioneered and implemented the "OPEX Model" in India with distributed solar solutions. This model is also sometimes referred to as the 'RESCO' model. We also have a network of private offsite renewable energy farms across India that we use to serve large corporations with clean energy as needed.

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