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Zero Capital Investment

Solar plant on Zero Investment (PPA Option)

The biggest obstacle any industry faces before enjoying the beautiful benefits of solar rooftop plant is the initial investment in the solar plant. Now you can install solar plant on your rooftop under PPA arrangement, which eliminates the upfront cost for the rooftop solar plant. Under this arrangement, you only have to pay for the electricity the rooftop solar plant generates which is lower than your current purchase rate!

It is past time for us to recognise the need of becoming solar. The concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has significantly increased, causing environmental damage and impacting the health of all living beings. The biggest contributors to this are huge industries with considerable electricity use.

Install solar with no investment cost with the following schemes which suite best for you

RESCO Model (PPA arrangement)

Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO) or a Build, Own, Operate, Transfer model is which wherein you as a customer gives permission to BigWit Energy to install and own the solar plant on your premises for a predefined period as per the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) generally of 15 - 20 years. You only pay for the electricity generated by the solar plant which is guaranteed to be lower than grid prices. After the PPA period, the ownership is transferred and you enjoy the whole benefits of solar plant till the solar rooftop plant lifetime. You also have an option of purchasing the asset before the termination of PPA timeline at depreciated cost.

Documents required to process on RESCO model

- Three latest electricity bill
- Latest three years balance sheet
- Credit Rating

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Deferred EMI 

This model brings the best of both worlds in one. You own the solar plant which is installed on your premises with absolutely no initial investment and only pay according to the energy generated by the solar plant. Accelerated depreciation benefits and lower than PPA period benefits are all yours!

Documents required to process on Deferred EMI model

- Three latest electricity bill

- Latest three years balance sheet

- Credit Rating

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Electricity unit prices only go UP

All over India for commercial electricity tariffs, the prices keep on increasing year on year by an average of 3% - 5%. This is due to the increased demand and low supply from conventional sources of energy. By installing a rooftop solar plant with best quality solar panels in market, you lock in your electricity tariff for the next 20 years. This means that you will be only saving more and more capital as the electricity tariffs increase each year. This is a great way to increase the profits of your company without investing any upfront capital in installation of solar plant.

Case Example:

Current per unit charges: Rs10

Consumption per Year: 1,00,800 units

Cost of Energy per Year: Rs10,08,000

Cost of PPA option per unit: Rs7.5

Money saved by installing solar on PPA arrangement first year year: Rs2,52,000

Savings over a period of 20 Years: Rs65,52,000

(All the electricity generated by the solar plant after PPA period is FREE!)

Forest Sunrays

It is high time we opt for solar energy not only for the huge financial benefits but also for the environment. Consuming energy from non-renewable energy sources is taking a toll on our planet on which all living things depend on. Installing rooftop solar plant to take care of all your energy needs is the biggest step you can take to contribute in lower pollution of our planet.

With Bigwit Energys zero capital investment plans via PPA arrangement in rooftop solar plants, you now go solar by simply saying YES !

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