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Solar Power

The term renewable solar energy or power project refers to the energy that comes from renewable sources, specifically sunlight. It has resources that can be used for everything from sunlight to wind to geothermal heat to rain to waves to biomass to tides. Bigwit Energy uses Sunlight as a source of energy that can be used over and over again. Even in cloudy weather, the sun's energy can be used to make things work. Solar energy is used in renewable solar energy projects all over the world. It is mostly used to make electricity and heat, but it can also be used to make desalinated water.

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Solar Power Projects

Using photovoltaics (PV), concentrated solar power (CSP), or both, solar power converts renewable energy from the sun into electricity. It can be done either directly, or through a combination of both. It takes a lot of sunlight and turns it into a small beam with the help of lenses or mirrors and solar tracking systems. Photovoltaic cells use the photovoltaic effect to turn light into electricity.

People used photovoltaics for small and medium-sized things, like a calculator powered by one solar cell and off-grid homes powered by a rooftop PV system in the middle of the desert. When commercial concentrated solar power plants were first built in the 1980s, they were the first of their kind. During the last few years, the cost of solar electricity has dropped, so the number of grid-connected solar PV systems has risen almost as quickly. Millions of installations and huge photovoltaic power plants have and are being built. Solar PV has quickly become an inexpensive technology that isn't bad for the planet.

IEA said in 2021 that under its "Net Zero by 2050" scenario, solar power would make up about 20% of the world's energy use, and solar would be the world's biggest source of electricity. China has the most solar power plants. In 2020, solar power will make up 3.5% of the world's electricity, compared to less than 3% the year before. Unsubsidized, the levelized cost of electricity for utility-scale solar power was about $36/MWh in 2020, and installing it cost about a dollar per DC watt, which is how much it costs to make electricity.
There is a lot of renewable energy on the planet that comes from the sun. It is a type of energy that comes from the sun. It can be light, radio waves, and X rays, but the term usually refers to the sun's visible light. There has been an increase in the search by countries for safe, long-term energy sources as oil prices rise and other energy sources remain scarce. In this case, solar energy turns out to be a lot of energy that can be put to good use. Solar energy is no longer a new idea to the rest of the world at this point. Clean, silent, unlimited, and free: Solar electricity will play a big role in the future because it is free, clean, and doesn't use any electricity.

Every second, 657 million tonnes of hydrogen are turned into 653 million tonnes of helium in our sun, making our sun a lot brighter. The missing 4 million tonnes are turned into light and heat energy by using Einstein's E=MC2 equation and sent out into space, where they can be found. In general, the sun is about 93 million miles away on average. At that distance, the earth collects about 4 pounds of total energy, which helps keep life on Earth as we know it going. This is because solar energy doesn't have to come from a fossil fuel power plant to make a kWh of electricity.

The Sun is very powerful. How strong is it?
Surprised? It may come as a surprise to you how much energy is made by sunlight that falls on the ground for an hour. So powerful! Solar energy has shown itself to be a good source of renewable energy that will be needed in the years to come.

Solar is the fastest growing source of renewable energy in the world right now. Countries that want to be the best at something are in a race. A company called Bigwit Energy is one of the best from India that makes the best solar power plants. They have offices in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Pune and Delhi. Besides that, they have sales records in Punjab, Rajasthan as well as Delhi NCR and Mumbai.

Bigwit Energy is working on renewable energy projects all day and all night. We use the sun to make solar systems that are great for our customers. As a group, we are always looking for new ways that green solar systems can help protect our planet. We are installing our solar plants in different places so that we can grow our network and make more sales.

So how do you get electricity from the sun? There are two ways to use solar energy to make electricity: Photovoltaic type: Photovoltaic systems convert sunlight into electricity right away.
In this kind of plant, the sun's heat is used to make electricity.

It's called a "solar photovoltaic power plant." The sun shines down on the solar cells in the PV Array, which turns light energy into electricity. The electricity goes through an inverter and then into the power lines that go to your house.
• Conventional Silicon based: Monocrystalline technology, Polycrystalline technology, and Thin film technology. • Thin film technology.
It's been a while since Concentrating PV (CPV) came out.

SOLAR THERMAL POWER PLANT: The main idea is to focus the sun's rays on a receiver, where the circulating fluid gets heated and drives a steam engine to make electricity.

Modes of Making: Concentrating Type ( CSP)
Line Putting systems in a place where they can be used
Parabolic trough systems are used.
Systems that use Fresnel Troughs
Point Putting systems in a place where they can be used
System: Concentrating Dish Solar Tower Plants that use a central Receiver System.

All of the Solar Chimney and Solar Pond Power Plants are non-concentrating types of power plants that don't use a lot of electricity.

Solar energy is one of the renewable sources of energy that can be used to make electricity in Maharashtra. About 250-300 days a year are clear, and the sun gives off 4 to 6 kWh/sq.m over the day. Using solar photovoltaic systems, 1.5 million units of electricity can be made each year. Using solar thermal systems, up to 2.5 million units of electricity can be made each year. Maharashtra is already working on ways to increase this huge source of energy, and solar project developers can send their ideas to Bigwit Energy if they want to work with them.

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