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Vikram Solar story

Vikram Solar Limited is a Kolkata-based Indian company that is the largest solar module manufacturer in India (by capacity) with a 2.5 GW annual module manufacturing capacity and the second-largest solar energy company in India in terms of revenue. The company's primary business is solar photovoltaic module manufacturing, but it also provides engineering, procurement, and construction services, as well as operations and maintenance of solar power plants.

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Vikram solar panels

Gyanesh Chaudhary founded Vikram Solar in 2006 as a manufacturer of solar modules. Since then, the company has expanded into engineering, procurement, and construction management, as well as solar power plant operations and maintenance. In 2015, the company completed India's first floating solar energy project.
Bloomberg New Energy Finance listed the company as India's sole Tier 1 module manufacturer in February 2014.
In October 2015, the company agreed to supply modules with a combined output of 30 MW to British Solar Renewables (BSR).

Vikram Solar's modules received the "Excellent Performance" certification in April 2015.
The California Energy Commission (CEC) recently awarded superior PTC values to Vikram Solar's Eldora series 72-cell polycrystalline photovoltaic modules following extensive testing. The 310 Watt (STC) model, for example, produced a PTC value of 283.6 Watts.

This places the Eldora series among the best Tier-1 performers available, a testament to the superior engineering and manufacturing capabilities now available from India's industrial sector. Simultaneously, the modules were certified to be UL 1703 compliant at 1000 VDC and to have a "Type 1" fire safety class.

"This latest certification demonstrates how Vikram Solar's customers benefit from our investment in research and development and manufacturing technology," says Ivan Saha, President and Chief Technology Officer at Vikram Solar. PVUSA field test conditions are far more representative of real-world conditions than controlled laboratory conditions. The excellent PTC rating demonstrates that photovoltaic systems built with Vikram modules are more likely to produce more energy than systems built with competing brands."
The company assisted in the commissioning of India's largest rooftop airport installation in Kolkata in December 2015.

In January 2016, India Solar Photovoltaic Market Outlook named the company one of the top three solar players in the country.

In February 2016, the company entered 14 new markets in Sub-Saharan Africa, including Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania, through a partnership with Powertech Africa, an African distributor of energy technology. Already, Vikram Solar has offices in Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa.

The company received the National Excellence Award in June 2016.

Vikram Solar and teamtechnik signed a memorandum of understanding in September 2016.

In October 2016, Vikram began a strategic collaboration with a Finnish company to enter the Finnish market.
Vikram Solar, a provider of solar energy solutions, has formed a strategic partnership with Finnwind, which will make the Finnish system integrator, manufacturer, and installer of renewable energy systems the exclusive supplier of Vikram Solar modules.
Vikram Solar's solar modules are ideally suited for Finland's harsh climate. "Finland has harsh weather conditions, and solar panels must not only withstand heavy snow loads but also perform for many years in these conditions," said JuhaPölönen, partner, sales & marketing at Finnwind Oy. The fact that utilities have already had favourable experiences with Vikram Solar modules is another critical factor for our energy industry customers and partners."

At the Rashtrapati Bhavan in November 2016, Vikram Solar announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST).

By June 2017, the company had grown to a manufacturing capacity of 1 GW, making it one of the largest solar module manufacturers in India.

Vikram Solar modules were named one of the top performing modules in July 2017 by DNV GL testing standards.

Vikram Solar launched the SOMERA monocrystalline product line in October 2017.

Mr Gyanesh Chaudhary was appointed Chairman of IEEMA's Renewable Energy & Energy Storage Division in January 2018.

The company opened a sales office in Massachusetts, United States, in February 2018.

Vikram Solar partnered with France's CEA in March 2018 to advance innovative technology research and development.

Vikram Solar opened an office in Gurgaon in May 2018.
Vikram Solar, a leading module manufacturer in India and a leading provider of rooftop solar and EPC solutions, announced the opening of a new office at The Oberoi Corporate Tower in Gurgaon to expand its market presence and ultimately benefit the company's customers. This decision is motivated by the desire to capture and better serve an evolving and demanding market, while minimising barriers such as distance and the ease of doing business through rapid response in business communication.
The new office aims to be closer to clients and decision makers while also assisting in the growth of solar in the North. The company believes that the success of this new platform will be contingent on the talent they recruit. A physical presence in Gurgaon will also enable Vikram Solar to better focus on the country's rooftop solar growth through increased contribution.

The company announced in June 2018 that it would launch SOLIVO, a Tigo-integrated Smart module, at Intersolar Munich 2018.

Vikram Solar launched a half-cut cell module at REI 2018 in September 2018.
Vikram Solar, the world's largest provider of solar energy solutions, will introduce a new line of solar modules at the Renewable Energy India Expo in Greater Noida. The new modules are based on cutting-edge half-cell technology, which boosts module output by 15 Wp per module when compared to conventional photovoltaic modules. Additionally, the technology boasts a 19.56 percent increase in efficiency.
The new high-density module technology is designed to maximise the output of advanced mono-PERC half-cells, resulting in a lower Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). When one-half of the modules are shaded, the innovative design principle minimises shadow loss by using a series-parallel cell connection. Half-cell modules with high efficiency are ideal for all utility and rooftop projects.
Mr. Ivan Saha, BU Head-Solar Manufacturing and CTO, Vikram Solar, commented on the occasion, "We are taking a significant step forward by introducing advanced new High-Density Monocrystalline Modules utilising novel Cell-Cleaving Technology." The design, superior price performance, increased shade tolerance, and decreased power loss are all expected to make a significant impact on the market."

In January 2019, the company was awarded a contract to install a 140 MW solar project for the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC).

The company secured a 300 MW project from National Thermal Power Corporation Limited in April 2020. (NTPC)

The company was ranked 32 on Fortune India's Next 500 list in March 2020.

In December 2020, the company commissioned a 919.73 kWp rooftop plant in Falta, West Bengal to power a portion of our solar manufacturing.

As India's first Tier 1 company, the company launched the highly advanced new M6 cell series modules in January 2021.

In May 2021, Vikram Solar commissioned a 225 MW (140+85) plant for NTPC in Uttar Pradesh – the state's largest.

Vikram Solar was named the 'Top Performer' in the PVEL PQP Reliability Scorecard for the fourth time in the last five years in May 2021.

Vikram Solar will surpass 3 GW capacity in terms of modules shipped globally in June 2021.

Vikram Solar becomes India's largest module manufacturer in July 2021, with a capacity of up to 2.5 GW; the company also inaugurates a 1.3 GW module manufacturing facility.

Bilhaur, Uttar Pradesh 225 MW (2021)
Anatapuramu, Andhra Pradesh - 200 MW (2018)
Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh - 20MW (2019)
Itrasi, Madhya Pradesh – 10 MW (2018)
ten megawatts – Dahej, Gandhar, and Hazira (2018)
Rooftop 1461 kW – Gujarat (2018)
Rooftop 350 kW – Cossipore (2018)
Haryana – 100 kW Rooftop (2018)
Rajasthan – 130 MW (2017)
– Charanka, Gujarat – 80 MW (2017)
– Karnataka – 20 MW (2017)
Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh – 10 MW (2017)
Patna 100 kW Rooftop (2017)
Floating Solar Power Plant – 10 kW – Kolkata (2015)

Vikram Solar Supplied 4.3 MW of Modules for a solar farm in Ware, Massachusetts, USA
Vikram Solar supplied 52.6 MW of modules to Southern Current in the United States of America.
Vikram Solar modules were used in a 4.2 MW project in the United States.
Finnwind Oy installed a 312 kWp solar system at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport using Vikram Solar modules.

In 2020, won Module Manufacturer of the Year: Make in India (1.2 GW), Outstanding Technology Innovation of the Year - Cell Modules, Technology of the Year: Utility Solar Module, and Module Company of the Year: Testing Equipment. Solar Quarter awarded Best Performing Modules of the Year and Best Solar Project on-site Service team at RE Assets India on 21 February. ET Now awarded Business Leader of the Year in the Customer Centric Excellence category on 19 February. Solar Quarter awarded Module Manufacturer of the Year at the Indian Rooftop Solar Congress India event on 27 January.

In 2019, the CII presented the Active Customer Engagement Award on 22 January. On 17 January, Solar Quarter presented the India Rooftop Solar Congress Leadership Awards 2018. On 4 January, Power Minister Shri R.K. Singh presented the CBIP Awards.

In 2018, we received the No. 1 Solar Panel Manufacturer of the Year and No. 1 Grid Sharing Solar PV Power Solution Provider of the Year awards from Soft Disk on 8 December, the Dare-to-Dream Awards, Kolkata manufacturing leadership awards, and Kolkata Best Employer Brand Awards on 30 October, and the Leading RE Manufacturer Awards from the REI event on 17 September. We also received the Solar Module Company of the Year & Rooftop Solar EPC Company of the Year awards from Solar Quarter on 18 January.

In 2017, Frost & Sullivan awarded Vikram Solar with a Gold Certificate of Merit on 13 December. On 8 November, Employer Branding Institute India presented Mr. Gyanesh Chaudhary with the Leading Renewable Energy Manufacturer Solar Module Awards by REI. On 20 September, Mr. Gyanesh Chaudhary, CEO & MD of Vikram Solar, was presented with the CMA's Emerging Leader Award.

In 2016, Economic Times of India named us the fastest growing company in the INR 300-1000 crore category. On 13 June, MNRE presented us with the National Excellence Award for Rooftop Solar Power Projects in the Domestic Solar Module Manufacturers Category.

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